Frequently Asked Questions


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Custom Orders

No. Sneaky Socks was founded on the principle of having no minimum orders. We actually specialize in small batch custom orders.

There are a number of factors to consider here: How big is your order? How backed up is our production queue? You will always need to ask your designer for an exact estimate. In general, we like to get things done within a month of placing your deposit.

This one takes some explanation. Sock knitting is done by stitches, and each stitch in the sock is one pixel in a digital image. We only have168 stitches to work with on the sock, so we can only accommodate so many pixels in a design. If you have a very complex logo with lots of small writing, then we may need to simplify it.

We knit the socks. Or at least our machine does.

We match colors as close as we can. We stock a variety of different colors of yarn. Sometimes we don’t have the exact match you’re looking for.

Sock Club

Club socks always come in our “Highrise” sock style. Cuff length is between 6 and 7.

Each month’s subscription fee is billed, to the credit card you have on file, on the first of every month.

Socks are shipped within the first 5 business days of every month. We ship with Canada Post Letter Mail to our Canadian club members. This allows us to offer no shipping to our customers, but does take longer and doesn’t offer a tracking number.

When purchasing a subscription, we do ask that you commit to that length of time. We will consider all requests and would like to hear your reason for the cancellation.

Limitless subscription: you can cancel at any time.


This has happened in the past and we agree that it is a nuisance. You must:

  1. Ensure that your billing address matches the credit card you are using.
  2. Remove the space between the postal code (ex, X1Y2Z13 not X1Y 2Z3).
  3. Review your shipping and billing address for any problems.
  4. Checkout with PayPal instead.

Experienced when first launching our store. Please report the problem through the contact page.