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About Us


Learn about our story and our company

Our Story

An ambitious project that worked

Evan McNeely is a professional mountain bike racer and national team member competing on the World stage. Like most niche sports, mountain biking is a bit challenging to pursue financially, with the majority of the money going to the top 1% of the world’s athletes, leaving developing and aspiring racers heavily reliant on government, family and community support. Evan wondered if there was a way to fund a World Cup season, and making a living as an athlete, through business. A business modeled around the personality, experience, and creativity of the athlete while leaving enough time available for a full-time training load. So the Sneaky Socks project was born.

With no previous manufacturing or textile experience, an endeavor such as this seems monumental to take on. While training full-time in Victoria, BC, Evan began researching the required knitting machinery and yarn to make performance cycling socks. Sneaky Socks received their first knitting machine in March of 2016, and so the creation of the sock-formula began.

Nick Petersen, Evans University roommate and long time friend, stepped in to help with the product development and managerial process. It took several months to get the machine operational, and several more months of sock testing before Evan and Nick were satisfied with the socks they were producing. Sneaky Socks continues to be pioneered by both Evan and Nick, making and designing socks in their spare time.

Our Company

Beliefs and values behind our socks


We can admit that we are not the first to create cool socks, nor will we be the last. However, we believe that an awesome design should have some meaning or story behind it. We are committed designing all of our storefront and club socks with a larger story or idea in mind. Every single on of our storefront or club socks will come with a special story card about the design.


We call the functional aspect of the sock the “sock-formula”. The sock-formula concerns the yarns, lengths, and thickness of the sock. The current formula for our socks took a little over a year to make and involved several different types of yarn to develop. We will always be adjusting small parts so that our socks are always improving and getting better.


Sneaky Socks was founded in order to support Evan through his cycling. Although our goals have already become a little bigger than that, we hope to be able to extend this support to other aspiring athletes in the MTB, road and cyclocross disciplines.